Tai Chi Gift Vouchers are Healthy Giving ?

Tai Chi Gift Vouchers are Healthy Giving. Returning Health Benefits. They are available for all Classes in 2017. Friday morning classes are located at the Northern Beaches and early evening classes will be taught in Cairns CBD. Classes start again in February. 

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Let’s see what Deb Johnstone has to say about this offer.


I was blown away about the effects I noticed when I recently did TaiChi for the first time. Julie kindly walked me through some warm up exercises and a basic TaiChi move just recently. I felt the effects instantly practicing that first warm up exercise. What I felt was instant connection and a sense of joy, it almost moved me to tears. Having practiced meditation regularly for some time now, I know how it can sometimes be challenging to focus and centre myself especially during busy times. With TaiChi there was no effort to do this, it happened with ease.  I can easily see how TaiChi can create that sense of relaxation and calm and can give wonderful health benefits. Because of this experience I have decided to commence weekly classes with Julie, which are held at the beaches and in the city for 2017. I am looking forward to enjoying more of the wonderful effects and benefits I experienced that day.

Deb Johnstone
Mindset Coach / Speaker / NLP / Extended DISC
CBWC Sole Entrepreneur Woman of the Year Finalist 2016 / Regular article contributor at Smallville.com.au