We all go through a ‘Rite of Passage’

I slipped down a waterfall rock face and survived; I lived in Crocodile country for 20 years plus at a Remote Rural location. No roads, telephones, television, radio or running water. For some time I lived under a tarpaulin, cooked on a fire after collecting wood and carrying water daily.

As I lived this lifestyle I connected with the Earth, Fire, Air and Water. My Spirit began to find inner strength and ultimate freedom. I met my Tai Chi.

This website is my story to assist, motivate and inspire others. I teach people to relax mind, body and spirit from personal experience to enable them to live their own lives with tools for everyday life.

A wise human once said “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. “

During 2010 I began to lose my Balance. Come 2011 I chose discontinuing all medication under supervision of the Cairns Base Hospital. I made the choice to rely on personal discipline and TaiChi. My Sifu said “Chi will hold you up” In that time I lost 12 kgs and my muscles were wasted as a side effect of medication. I had a long road ahead of me. Since 2012 I have been teaching TaiChi for Health.

The first bend in the journey led me to Cheung Chau Island. Hong Kong. I decided to name my School ‘Golden Phoenix Tai Chi School’ in 2013. I would like to thank my friend Master Suki Tao on Cheung Chau Island. Hong Kong for helping me decide on the name I had chosen. 

My path is to train people to become well. Good health and vitality are the most important things in life. You cannot achieve anything else you want without good health and the vitality to persevere. 

I had an Auto Immune disease for many years, now it is in remission with lots of hard work on my part.   The most difficult conditions for us in the North of Australia are the prevalence of Tropical diseases. Dengue and Ross River Virus Side effects are a challenge for me today years later.

My students vary from explosive fitness to managing with Lupus, and differing Heart, Stroke debilitation and Arthritic conditions. Students come with Hip and Knee replacements.  Students have Diabetes, Parkinson Disease and some also have diagnosed Dementia and other mental health concerns.. Referred by visiting Neurologists and other Specialists they are experiencing progressive rehabilitation with great success.

Mindfulness  and Healing work together creating New Neural Pathways. Norman Doidge. “The Brains Way of Healing” 2015

Spinal degeneration clients have also found classes beneficial. Consistent Practice takes time.

The main reason for class attendance is disturbed Balance. Non Harmony. I co-facilitated the “Balance” program State Funded during 2012.

I am one of two Australian Ambassadors for Vestibular Disorders Association Portland Oregon vestibular.org   VEDA

You only have one body to live in. Look After it.!!  Allow me to provide your training needs.

Respect ~~~