As we walk the path of the Angelic Shamans Way we seek to come into balance (Ayni) with the energy that exists in everything. The true meaning of Ayni is sacred reciprocity; this is achieved through the divine dance of the Universe. We dance when we remember our original face, the innocent face of our inner child that has not been conditioned by society or culture. The innocent and sacred power of the divine child calls us home. We walk the familiar path home to our heart through reconnecting to nature, through taking the time to honour ourselves and the energy that exists in everything, through singing and dancing, through all of these we come back to a place of ceremony, ritual and honour. 


As Julie has answered the call and journeyed with us on the Angelic Shamans Way she has learnt to navigate her luminous energy body, to weave the threads of her luminous energy field in and around her. I have witnessed her majestic dance at dawn as she weaves the energy in honour of Inti Tai Tai our brother sun, I have witnessed her majestic dance under the moon light as she weaves the energy in honour of Quilla, our Grandmother Moon. I have witnessed her divine spark as her phoenix rises through the flames – giving and receiving in equal measure.

We all dance with the energy that exists in everything, honouring, greeting and giving thanks. It is in this honouring that we access the harmony and balance that is our true state of bring.  golden-phoenix_logo_1116-2Julie has engaged her essential self and answered the call from Spirit to honour herself, to honour the Ancestors, and come back into right relationship with all. She has answered the call to restore balance.

Julie has been initiated into the Ancient Healing Arts of the Q’ero and in undergoing these initiations she has accessed her personal power, her Karpay. We use the gifts of the Munay-Ki – the energetic transmissions of the Q’ero to remind us of our access to the unconditional love of the Universe.  Julie’s capacity to receive these fire-2-shardaenergetic transmissions attests to her personal power and balance, her ability to come out of her head and into her heart.

Just as the phoenix rises form the flames, so too have I witnessed Julie grow in Ayni –  she shines her light and feeds the flames of her divine inner fire.

The wounded healer, a true teacher that has chosen to share the insights and learning’s from her personal journey. It has been an honour to share sacred space, gather in circle and walk the path of the Angelic Shamans Way with her at my side

Roisin McDonald

Deep in the serpent’s golden coil, the journey takes it’s form
It’s healing Light reveals the cracks, from which all fear is born
Here in the sacred medicine wheel we sit and seek both Truth and peace
And from a silence deep within, all time and space will cease  So walk in the beauty of Nature with me,through earth and wind and fire



In the womb of Mother Earth with me, reveal your heart’s desire
Come probe the ocean’s depths with me, where ancient secrets lie
It’s creatures, ancient spirit guides, release your soul to fly
Now glide on eagle’s wings with me, and from this lofty site
See life and destiny unfold through eyes now filled with Light
Now lift your gaze to higher realms where Angels calmly wait
And Beings from beyond our dreams will help reveal your fate
So join this vision quest with me, I AM the Truth you seek
Shaman, Angel, shadow and light, for each of you unique
I AM the illumination, I AM the Sacred One
I AM the Light upon your path, Mother Earth and Father Sun.

Roisin MacDonald and Margaret Hunt


*** Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this page contains an image and name of the deceased ***
The image shows George Kulka when he was Chairman of Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Council. KuKu Yalangji

Addressing The Anzac Day Commemoration on Community. George was my friend. My mentor.

Photo credit @daintreelove

I was given this Buru Family Totem with appreciation for work with Kuku Yalangi for many years.

Wirangji The Earth Gecko 🦎