“Thank you Julie, for returning the gift!

I’d wanted to learn TaiChi for many years, even purchasing a video to try to learn at home.  I quickly found that there is so much more to TaiChi than I could pick up even from an accomplished instructor via video.  I needed a teacher who could point out, correct, and guide me as I learned this beautiful martial art. 

There were no TaiChi classes in my home town of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA, so when Julie M. Hutchin said we could do classes via Skype, I was delighted.

A dream come true!I have been a student of Julie M. Hutchin for two years.    When I began taking lessons, my goal was simply better health.  I was having problems with my lower back, balance and stiff hips.  I walked as if crippled upon arising each morning, and even a hot shower didn’t alleviate the pain in my back.  I needed support to put on my clothes, and I couldn’t cross my legs to put on a pair of socks. The first week of practice, doing only standing exercises and practicing TaiChi walking, alleviated my lower back pain.  After six months of weekly lessons and practice my balance was much better, and I could once more cross my legs.  I discovered that where I previously had walked stooped over, I now walk with a confidence I’ve never had before.

I live with and care for my 89 year old mother.  She has considerable hearing loss and doesn’t see well.  In addition, she has scoliosis, which makes it difficult for her to ambulate.  I asked Julie if some of the QiGong exercises she taught me would help my mom.  With Julie’s help, we came up with a QiGong practice that my mother does each day now.  She’s enjoying much clearer thinking and moves with more ease than before.
Julie is a wonderful and intuitive teacher.  She tailors lessons to the specific needs of each student.  When I was discouraged because I was unable to remember how to do an exercise she’d taught me, she was ever so patient and understanding.  I appreciate that she seems to know the pace at which I need to move for best results.  She’s shared with me some of the challenges she’s overcome through her own practice; and I’ve seen her overcome some of those challenges during our two years together.
I am forever grateful to Julie for sharing her knowledge and experience with me.  Although my main interest starting out was better physical health, I’ve benefited physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.  Thank you, Julie, for returning the gift!”

Rev. Dr. Martha Quinn

“The progress is something you need to see to believe.”

In December 2014, my mother Pamela due to heart issues was fitted with a Pacemaker.  This in itself was a huge adjustment, only to be followed with the loss of her loving husband, my Dad in March 2015.  In September of 2015, Mum was diagnosed with the early onset of Parkinson’s Disease and as she had insisted on living on her own for the past 6 months it was agreed, the time had come for Mum to come and live with myself and my husband.   After a few days, I realised how weak and fragile Mum had become. No energy, needing to lay down for most of the day, eating very little and becoming more reclusive. Just to have a conversation with Mum was difficult with the jaw of her mouth shaking constantly, showing strong signs of Parkinson’s Disease at this stage.

During the next 3 months, with various doctors’ visits and medication changes, it was recommended to assist with Pamela’s progress to source Tai Chi Lessons in our area.

From my first initial phone call with Julie, I felt at ease to embark on this new pathway.

Pamela commenced Tai Chi classes in January 2016. As a frail and unstable on her feet, 76year aged lady, Pamela attended her first lesson. As the oldest in the room and worried she may fall, Pamela began the first 4 weeks of her Tai Chi classes sitting in a chair and attempting all the movements in a much uncoordinated manner.

But to her credit and practice at home Pamela continued to persevere. One of the noticeable changes within 3 months was Pamela’s walking. Pamela always shuffled her feet, taking tiny steps, I believe to save herself from falling.  However, with the guidance of Julie, Pamela learnt to concentrate on what her feet where doing.  Julie taught Pamela to keep her feet wider apart, to assist with her balance. This was a milestone for Pamela. This boosted her confidence in such a way, I was now able to take Pamela out shopping for short periods of time. Something Pamela had not attempted in a long time.

As each week passed her control of her shakiness improved. Of course, there are still but days here and there, but by learning the art of Tai Chi, I believe Pamela has become stronger in her arms and hands and legs, giving her the ability and confidence she now has today. As for the shaking jaw back in September 2015, this is something I have not seen since 3 months after beginning Tai Chi.

The progress is something you need to see to believe.  From a frail, exhausted lady back in December 2015, to someone who is up and about at 7.30am each morning, doing the daily chores, pegging out the laundry, being able to maintain her diary with small amounts of writing, to going out on luncheons with her friends and to the most achievable conquest, being able to babysit her 6 year old Great Grandson.

Thank you Julie, Tai Chi has given back to me the active mother I missed during 2014 and 2015. Amanda


Before I found Tai Chi I was unbalanced and I couldn’t stand without support.

I found information about Julie in the Deli at Stratford. I started the Tai Chi classes in 2014 at the CWA Hall in Freshwater and it was not long before I could manage better. Tai Chi helped me to have more confidence and Julie helped me relax in myself and my body. Tai Chi exercises had started to help me cope with my balance.

At the end of 2015 I was invited to demonstrate ‘Tai Chi Walking’ with Julie at the Positive Ageing Forum with the Uniting Care Group at the Cairns Casino. I was a bit scared at first in front of 400 people.

 This Demonstration was to show people that any age group can do this exercise (especially those with balance problems) to receive the benefits of Tai Chi. It was a great day and I also meet Lisa Curry.

This photo was taken of me on the day wearing my Olympic Medal presented by Lisa Curry.

Julie and I have become great friends. Julie is amazing the way she helps and supports all of her students.

I am typing this 2 years after starting classes. I have to practice every day to get the benefits of Tai Chi and most times I can walk without my walking stick. I also found out that I can do Tai Chi sitting in a chair and still benefit from the exercises.

Jennifer Stuchbery 27/5/2016

Rev. Dr. Martha Quinn

Martha Quinn’s Mother

Pamela and Grandchildren

Jenny at The Positive Aging Forum, Cairns Casino 2015 with Lisa Curry

I am one of two Australian Ambassadors for Vestibular Disorders Association Portland Oregon vestibular.org   VEDA