“When we teach and share our gifts from the heart space. Healing happens. “


Blessings with Love Julie

Julie M Hutchin

Returning The Gift of Love



“Angels are our secret companions on our journey through this world. When we were sent to earth there was a special angel chosen to accompany our every step, breath, thought and feeling; this is your guardian angel. Right next to you, as near as your skin….. Your angel is ancient, as old as eternity itself. Thus, your angel has a memory which is older than the earth itself. Your angel was there when the Great Spirit began to dream of creating you. So no one, not even you, knows you as well as your angel does. Your angel is aware of the secret life that sleeps in your soul and watches over all your possibilities.”  

John O’Donohue  


Metatron Cube

Artist ~~Akiane Kramarik

Healing with the Buddha Relics. Lantau Island.  HK. 2012

Avebury Stone Circle Wiltshire UK 1998

Brenda Tenerelli North Carolina
Blue Aquamarine Ray of Healing and Blessings

Shared By Brenda Tenerelli North Carolina.
Angel Blessings of Healing

“As we walk the path of the Angelic Shamans Way we seek to come into balance (Ayni) with the energy that exists in everything. The true meaning of Ayni is sacred reciprocity; this is achieved through the divine dance of the Universe. We dance when we remember our original face, the innocent face of our inner child that has not been conditioned by society or culture. The innocent and sacred power of the divine child calls us home. We walk the familiar path home to our heart through reconnecting to nature, through taking the time to honour ourselves and the energy that exists in everything, through singing and dancing, through all of these we come back to a place of ceremony, ritual and honour.

As Julie has answered the call and journeyed with us on the Angelic Shamans Way she has learnt to navigate her luminous energy body, to weave the threads of her luminous energy field in and around her. I have witnessed her majestic dance at dawn as she weaves the energy in honour of Inti Tai Tai our brother Sun, I have witnessed her majestic dance under the moon light as she weaves the energy in honour of Quilla, our Grandmother Moon. I have witnessed her divine spark as her phoenix rises through the flames – giving and receiving in equal measure.

We all dance with the energy that exists in everything, honouring, greeting and giving thanks. It is in this honouring that we access the harmony and balance that is our true state of bring.  Julie has engaged her essential self and answered the call from Spirit to honour herself, to honour the Ancestors, and come back into right relationship with all. She has answered the call to restore balance.

Julie has been initiated into the Ancient Healing Arts of the Q’ero and in undergoing these initiations she has accessed her personal power, her Karpay. We use the gifts of the Munay-Ki – the energetic transmissions of the Q’ero to remind us of our access to the unconditional love of the Universe.  Julie’s capacity to receive these energetic transmissions attests to her personal power and balance, her ability to come out of her head and into her heart.

Just as the phoenix rises form the flames, so too have I witnessed Julie grow in Ayni –  she shines her light and feeds the flames of her divine inner fire.

The wounded healer, a true teacher that has chosen to share the insights and learning’s from her personal journey. It has been an honour to share sacred space, gather in circle and walk the path of the Angelic Shamans Way with her at my side”

Roisin McDonald Angelic Shaman NZ  2016

“The progress is something you need to see to believe.”

In December 2014, my mother Pamela due to heart issues was fitted with a Pacemaker.  This in itself was a huge adjustment, only to be followed with the loss of her loving husband, my Dad in March 2015.  In September of 2015, Mum was diagnosed with the early onset of Parkinson’s Disease and as she had insisted on living on her own for the past 6 months it was agreed, the time had come for Mum to come and live with myself and my husband.   After a few days, I realised how weak and fragile Mum had become. No energy, needing to lay down for most of the day, eating very little and becoming more reclusive. Just to have a conversation with Mum was difficult with the jaw of her mouth shaking constantly, showing strong signs of Parkinson’s Disease at this stage.

During the next 3 months, with various doctors’ visits and medication changes, it was recommended to assist with Pamela’s progress to source Tai Chi Lessons in our area.

From my first initial phone call with Julie, I felt at ease to embark on this new pathway.

Pamela commenced Tai Chi classes in January 2016. As a frail and unstable on her feet, 76year aged lady, Pamela attended her first lesson. As the oldest in the room and worried she may fall, Pamela began the first 4 weeks of her Tai Chi classes sitting in a chair and attempting all the movements in a much uncoordinated manner.

But to her credit and practice at home Pamela continued to persevere. One of the noticeable changes within 3 months was Pamela’s walking. Pamela always shuffled her feet, taking tiny steps, I believe to save herself from falling.  However, with the guidance of Julie, Pamela learnt to concentrate on what her feet where doing.  Julie taught Pamela to keep her feet wider apart, to assist with her balance. This was a milestone for Pamela. This boosted her confidence in such a way, I was now able to take Pamela out shopping for short periods of time. Something Pamela had not attempted in a long time.

As each week passed her control of her shakiness improved. Of course, there are still but days here and there, but by learning the art of Tai Chi, I believe Pamela has become stronger in her arms and hands and legs, giving her the ability and confidence she now has today. As for the shaking jaw back in September 2015, this is something I have not seen since 3 months after beginning Tai Chi.

The progress is something you need to see to believe.  From a frail, exhausted lady back in December 2015, to someone who is up and about at 7.30am each morning, doing the daily chores, pegging out the laundry, being able to maintain her diary with small amounts of writing, to going out on luncheons with her friends and to the most achievable conquest, being able to babysit her 6 year old Great Grandson.

Thank you Julie, Tai Chi has given back to me the active mother I missed during 2014 and 2015. Amanda 

In 2018 Pamela moved into a Beachside Retirement Home. No more Specialist Visits. Reduced Medication. Walking freely alone without assistance. I visited her last weekend. i send Healing frequently and speak with her on our mobiles. Amen.

Julie M. Hutchin (The Enchantress) and I met online after mutually resonating with each other’s missions, visions and posts. She has given me daily consul and comfort with her incredible knowledge and compassion of everything from energetic healing to the right remedy, crystals, herbs and oils  for the right occasion. Immediately she became a part of the fabric of my work by becoming an administrator of a platform founded by the love and desire to support fellow healers and helpers. Julie is a no nonsense person who tells you like it is, still with a sense of humor and hope, which gets me through everyday challenges. There is so much to learn from her and benefit from her wisdom and the magic she constantly shares from her heart! – Omar Prince, founder of Harmonic Convergence of Souls and Harmonic Convergence SOULpreneurs  NYC. 30 June, 2019
“My Dear Julie,
Thank you so much for your continued support, in my times of desperation and need day or night when I have messaged you. Your healing strength has helped me, both physically and emotionally! 
Despite the many miles between us your healing strength and power is felt, constant and true!
I am so pleased that I can call you my friend. 
You are a living Angel. Sending much love,”
Marcella. UK . 1 July  2019
“My Dear Julie,
Thank you so much for your continued support, in my times of desperation and need day or night when I have messaged you. Your healing strength has helped me, both physically and emotionally! 
Despite the many miles between us your healing strength and power is felt, constant and true!
I am so pleased that I can call you my friend. 
You are a living Angel. Sending much love,”
Marcella. UK . 1 July  2019
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Julie M Hutchin for the past 3 weeks which has been nothing short of a blessing. 
Having had chronic health battles over the past year, Julie introduced me to consuming high dose essential oils and supported me with energy healing and guidance. I have felt truly held, loved and nurtured and thank the universe for bringing us together at these challenging and exciting times of inner transformation.”
Courtney, Qld, Australia. 26 June 2019

“Julie M Hutchin is an amazing healer and has assisted many on her life path . She has dedication and passion in Reiki and Healing and works from a very open heart space . She is very encouraging and supportive and enjoys seeing her clients and students excel.”

Agueda Diaz , Melbourne VIC