Wustyle Tai Chi Chuan is taught for Mental Health agility and to boost physical confidence with neuroplasticity.

Good morning Everyone from Atherton.

I will not be teaching in the foreseeable future.

My friend Renee Cashman – McAlpine teaches
Dr Paul Lam Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention.
TaiChi Wednesday 9am
Spanish Club, Chewko Road, Mareeba.💥
The same form I offer. Go and enjoy.💥
I will be studying and waiting for a surprise. 🦅

With Respect and Gratitude
JulieM Hutchin Sifu
GoldenPhoenix TaiChi School

2014                        Diploma of Vocational Educational Training TAE50111

 2013                        Sifu Black Sash      Townsville Kung Fu Academy                


       JulieMHutchin GoldenPhoenixTaiChi CairnsAustralia

View the Webinar and listen to Julie share her story about Balance Problems and the benefits that come when we learn Tai Chi For Health. There are things we can do to assist recovery.
The Benefits of TaiChi Walking and TaiChi for Health and Tai Chi for Balance have shown their scope in many ways.
It was an absolute pleasure to share just how I work with students and clients to assist in their recovery. Recovery is teaching someone the tools they need to assist them in their everyday life. To assist them to take back control. By helping others I help myself. Thank you so much to VEDA . Julie M Hutchin
Dragon and Phoenix. Marriage of Heaven and Earth
Greetings All ! The USA Open Martial Arts Federation is Happy to Announce The Induction of ~ Sifu Julie M. Hutchin ~
Into Our ~ Hall of Honors ~ Due the her Untiring Work and the Outstanding Abilities she has shown in All she does in her Exemplary Teaching and Mentoring. Thank You Sifu for You Dedication and making the Arts Your Life’s Passion and Purpose ~ Outstanding
William Willard, Vice President U.S.A.O.M.A.F
Respect and Honor ~
Julie training Tai Chi at Lake Placid.
I have regularly attended Julie Hutchin’ Tai Chi classes since 2012.

Julie’s fantastic knowledge, facilitation skills, friendly and professional approach for her teaching have created a high level of comfort for me. Julie provides a safe place for both, physiological as well as physical, to develop her students Tai Chi practice.

Julie is a qualified SIFU (pronounced see-foo), “master of Tai Chi”. Her devotion to help others has no limits. Julie helped me tremendously   through her classes to improve and recover my full mobility, as I suffered from a severe hip tendonitis  and lower back problem. Thanks to Julie and her Tai Chi classes, I’ve rebuilt and maintained strength, flexibility, balance.

I now share this passion for Tai Chi, often described as “meditation in motion,” but it might well be called “medication in motion.

Francoise Marx-King


Hi Julie,
This is the information I sent out about Just 5 Minutes.  Let me know if you can use this for your website.   
just-5minsI am presenting a worldwide event “Just 5 Minutes” .  This is a chance for everyone to join in and send light and Love into our world. 
Anyone can do it and it is free and it only takes 5 minutes.
I have attached a flyer and there is more information on my website www.thespiritdoctor.com.au    
 Will you please send this out to others so they can join in on this event.
Thank you,
Love and Blessings,
Dr Daniel