What Magic has been kindled in your life after communing with this new offering from don Oscar?

“Notice something attained can be lost. Attainment exists because you can lose it. Attainment also echoes the attainable is not you. Rather “You” are that which attains. It is wise not to cling to attainments or identify with riches. You can be rich but you are not richness. A sense of richness will leave you. As it does, the unshakable I AM remains. “I” can feel successful yet I am not external versions of success. Where chaos exists, so does order. Where injustice exists, so do the righteous. To have the freedom of expression invites us to ask what type of contribution are we willing to give to collective Spirit? It starts with our abilities and how we treat ourselves. As we love and accept ourselves and feel sacred, we radiate and transmit this to others. Life is about decoding and sharing true feelings. To inspire change, simply be loving and share love. Live in integrity, be vulnerable. Gentleness is strength.”

Liara Covert

Brenda Tenerelli North Carolina
Images from Brenda Tenerelli North Carolina