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During the Equinox session last week, a beautiful and powerful activation was channelled through for the group and I feel pulled to share this beyond those who attended and registered.

So, as you read along, feel the vibration of the words and let it soak into your cells.

Love Nancy X

In the waters deep and blue,
she swam
Looking for the stars bright

Deep within the nightfall
She reached up and saw
Opening to the light sitter

Falling through
The emerald forest sings a song
The earth beneath you, feel
The earth beneath you, listen

There is a heart beating
There are hearts beating

The earth elements elementals, rising reaching
The stars defending, arriving
She has called out in her form of many ways

Her call was answered
Her brothers and sisters from galaxies afar
Are coming closer for she is now returning to her family

Oh the pleiades, the Sirians and more
Carry the keys
Waiting til she said “no more”

For it is time for me to return
to my great love, my beloved
My beloved that rests in the stars afar

“Open the universes
Open the doors.
I want to go home”

This cry was heard from far away
And now we respond and we say

“We are here dearest maiden of blue
It is time for you to rise.
Come and join us, our beloved one
You, that has served well
As the movement of all your kin now accelerates
and you shall release from your being,
your body what no longer you can hold.
Yes, the old.”

And so Mother Earth declares and those
that were in her caves,
that were in deep silence.
Listening and listening and saying
“She’s now coming forth
She is learning from her being, from her breasts
From her womb, from her body, what she cannot hold
Oh my dear mother

Yes, it is time
Time to go home
Oh my beloved mother of the earth
It is time
It is time
Your brothers, your sisters of the stars
are calling you

And she looks here and there and she will gather the waters
around her and she will ask them to lift her up, her children.

And the old ancient voices will roar through the mountain tops
and you will see the ancient ones
The clever men
The shamans
The medicine ones
And they will wake up in the rumblings of her roaring as she steps forth

And she will look here and she will look there
and she will look deep within her being
And she will rub her belly
and she will clear for her love has always been unconditional
And her kindness, infinite

Oh mother,
Mother, oh Mother Earth

For we are your children
Your love
And we say, “come home dear mother, it is your time.
We look at the stars and we can hear your family calling you.”

And she will rumble and the old ones
that are in the mountains
That are in the rocks,
that are in the rivers and the brooks.
They will flow through and they will uplift her
for it is time for her to go home.

And within your beings,
within the rumblings of your beings,
it is time.

Put away, put away your artificial ways of being and thinking,
let the sun feed you and yourselves.

Let the green that comes through from the trees,
Oh, listen to the trees.

Have you not heard of late,
the loud talking of your kin
Brother and sister wind

Have they not been speaking loud to you
and saying “Listen! Listen! Wake up! Wake up Mother is on the move”

“And she loves you so infinitely,
and she wants and she asks,
and she speaks to her brothers
and sisters of the stars and says,

“Let me take my children with me.
Let me take my children with me. “
And they say to her, “yes!”
“Yes, but will they listen to you, our beloved?
Yes, help them listen.”

Brother wind, sister wind, is around strongly now,
“Listen, wake up!”

You are magic!
You come from Mother Earth.
You are from the stars, that’s your lineage.
Stop playing small
Do not be scared of what is happening now.
You are from Mother Earth,
And she will,
Will, Mother Earth will”

Nancy Valentine Smith ©
Australian owned & grown in
Byron Bay, NSW

“Earth’s crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God; 
But only he who sees, takes off his shoes…”

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Returning The Gift of Love Established 2007.

Julie is a Theta DNA Healer,Crystal Healer, Natural Energy Therapist. A Shaman. Julie attunes Brain Balance through Slow Movement. Third Dimension Spiritual Cosmic Elemental Feng Shui.

Julie has been trained over more than twenty years in the Ancient Arts of TaiChi Chuan and Daoist Healing. Julie is a Teacher of Wu Style TaiChi Chuan and Sun Style Tai Chi ~~ Mindfulness with Neuroplasticity (Norman Doidge) together enable Julie to share her Gifts.
Julie inspires clients to get well. Julie contextualizes Individual Holistic Health, Mind Body Spirit training. Julie has Healed Herself with diligent use of her Training gifted to her from the Masters over many years of learning experience.

Julie is able to recall and Teach from Personal Experience to Guide, Coach and Instruct ,iJulie works with Mental Health Aftercare programs, PTSD, Trauma and Addiction Support programs in Recovery.

Julie says Tai Chi saved her life.
Coming Full Circle and emerging as a Sifu Teacher herself now affords Julie the fulfillment of a great desire to “Return the Gift”

Clients are referred from Doctors, Pain Management Clinics and Cardiac Care. Julie prepares programs with Psychologists. Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists.
Online Services are available for Energy Distance Healing

I have assisted students with Joint Replacement Therapy and continued Auto Immune assistance.
I have been diagnosed with Chronic Vestibular Migraine and Hemiplegic Migraine since 2012. I have been using herbs and essential oils for my own Health in my daily life since pre 2000. I am an Aromatherapist.

I am one of four Australian Ambassadors for VEDA to Defeat Dizziness. I teach and share Tai Chi For Health to enable students to take control within their Health Management. To empower students is vital. Tai Chi for Health is truly sustainable.