ACHIEVE Inner and Outer Balance in LIFE

 I am a TaiChi Instructor.  I assist people in recovery.

IMAGINE a life without Stress.   PICTURE a life of Inner and Outer Balance.

Does this resonate with you? Let Me Guide You

The Benefits of TaiChi for Health are for Everyone. 

Now you are here I am able to share with you how you can benefit from Tai Chi for Health.    You don’t have to join a Martial Arts Academy to do TaiChi. Friendly Tai Chi for health is not exclusive, it’s for everybody.

“It is said that TaiChi does not give you what you want. TaiChi gives you what you need.”

Would you like to learn what Tai Chi for Health can do for you?   Maybe you would like to try it for yourself and see how it feels. What do you think?  I invite you to visit my website and scroll and search to find out just exactly what you can do to assist yourself in taking some control over your Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health. 

View the Webinar and listen as I share my story about Balance Problems and the benefits that come when we learn Tai Chi For Health. There are things we can do to assist in our recovery.        


The Benefits of TaiChi Walking and TaiChi for Health have shown their scope in many ways.

It was an absolute pleasure to share just how I work with students and clients to assist in their recovery. Recovery is teaching someone the tools they need to assist them in their everyday life. To assist them to take back control. By helping others I help myself.

Thank you so much to VEDA . Julie M Hutchin       

Feel free to comment and ask questions about assisting Balance Disorders, all relevant questions will be answered. There is one Free Skype Consultation to be claimed by anyone who was a participating listener at the Balance Webinar. Contact me at

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To find out about a Class that suits your needs call Julie for a chat or send an email.